NOTD – Negative Space Nails x2!

Negative Space Nails/ Cut Out Manicure

Whichever one you want to call it, I’ve been wanting to try it for ages!   So much so that I have two designs for you today 🙂

As you will see from the pictures, you use clear sections of nail rather than another colour to create contrast.  I used Rimmel Urban Purple, which is not purple at all like the name suggests.  It’s more of a beetroot, raddish creme, which I paired up with my favourite tool – striping tape – to line the edges.  This is the first time I’ve actually used striping tape in the finished look.

Red Negative Space Nails Nail Art

Although it’s quite simple in essence (because you’re using one less colour) it’s a bit tricky to think about which parts you want to leave exposed.   The colour pallet here is quite rich and sort of reminded me of Christmas lol so I decided to try my hand at making it a bit summery.

Negative Space Nails Nail Art

For this design I used all Barry Ms (Shocking Pink and Bright Purple) and left out the striping tape to relax the design.  As a side point, I think Bright Purple looks like a fantastic dupe for Essies new DJ Play That Song.  Once I got my head around it, I quite enjoyed creating these Negative Space Nails.

27 responses to “NOTD – Negative Space Nails x2!

    • Exactly. Even though I really like the first one, it just felt like the wrong time of year. I think those richer colours will be better for Autumn/ Winter. But there are so many ways to play around with it, I’d love to try shapes

  1. Wow, I love the way the striping tape makes it all look so clean, I need to get my hands on some and have a play around. Love it!

  2. i liked both, but i was wondering why did not put striping tape on second also ? it would look more beautiful 😀

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  4. Love these nails iv tried doing something similar before but I used micro pore because I didn’t have anything else. It kind of worked if you didn’t look to close 😉
    Deffo want to buy some nail stripes x
    nico x

    • Hi Nico, thank you for commenting 🙂
      Don’t worry Micro Pore doesn’t sound too bad as a substitute, I know a lot of people even use Scotch tape with huge success, but I find striping tape so much easier. Plus I like that it’s multi purpose as you can use it as a guide or part of the actual design.
      Hope you have fun with it! NL xoxo

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